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SilentPaws® Automatic Feeder and Water Dispenser

"Love the Dispensers Combo! Easy feeding and hydration in one package. Highly recommend!”

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"Effortless Feeding and Hydration for Happy Pets"

  • Material: Plastic
  • Target Species: Cat, Dog
  • Breed Recommendation: Small, Medium, and Large Breeds
  • Color: White
  • Volume: 1.7 l
  • Size: 35*30*18 sm (14*12*7 in)

The food feed and water dispenser adopt Natural Gravity Supply System, food and water will gradually fill for pets to eat and drink. It is no electricity required at all, can be used anywhere, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. perfect for pet parents with busy lifestyles.


Food Grade Material
Our feeder and waterer made of food grade plastic, 100% BPA Free. Protect your pet's health.
Fresh Water and Food Anytime
The bowl refills with water/ food as it empties, keeping water and food fresh inside the reservoir until it dispenses.
Non-slip Rubber Feet
Non-slip rubber feet ensure safe placement.
Easy to Clean
The bottle is easy to unscrew from the base and features a wide mouth bottle for convenient hand-washing.


  • Easy to Add Food
    Uncover the cap on the top of the dog food bowls, you can add dry pet food easily. After the lid is closed, the grain can be kept away from damp and moldy with a good sealing.

  • 15 degree slope
    With 15 degree carefully slope of the pet feeder, Food comes out smoothly and no food stuck, friendly for pets to eat.

  • Easy to disassembly
    The body is easy to unscrew from the base of the dog feeder by pushing the round buckle of the two side, it is convenient for hand-washing.

  • Transparent windows
    There are transparent windows on the automatic pet feeder, you can easily see the amount of food and water.

  • Siphon Design
    The screw cover the bottle of the dog water bowl dispenser is made of siphon design. When the water in the dog water bowl reaches a certain height, the spring device which on the cat water dispenser will close and the water stops flowing automatically.

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Have questions about SilentPaws Automatic Feeder and Water Dispenser?

Q: What are the main features and functionality of this automatic feeder and drinker?

A: These automatic feeders and drinkers offer a convenient and efficient solution for feeding and watering your pets.

Q: How is the feed and water delivery automatic or on-demand?

A: Feed and water delivery can be automatic, scheduled or on-demand depending on the features of the device.

Q: Can you adjust feed and water amounts?

A: These models allow you to adjust feed and water delivery rates to meet your pet's needs.

Q: What types of food and water are suitable for use with these units?

A: In most cases, these units are compatible with different types of food and water. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions or recommendations for optimal results.

Q: How easy is it to clean and maintain these devices?

A: The bottle is easy to unscrew from the base and has a wide-necked bottle for easy hand washing.

Q: Are these devices safe for my pet?

A: Our feeder and waterer are made of food-grade plastic, 100% A Free. Protect your pet's health.