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SilentPaws® Airline Pet Carrier

"This carrier made all the difference I needed to travel on the airlines with my Boston terrier which is too heavy for me to carry. I was able to roll him onto the plane and release the Velcro on the sides and slide him right under the seat. Highly recommend this pet carrier."

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  • Product Dimensions: 18"L x 11"W x 11"H
  • Target Audience: Cat, Dog
  • Material: Nylon

Please check airline regulations before flying. Our carrier easily slides under airplane seats (when wheels are removed) while the expandable space function allows your pet to lay down and relax during your car ride or airplane travels The expandable space function allows your pet to lay down and relax during your car ride or airplane travels To assemble: Unfold the fabric pet carrier and lift the sides to assemble. Zip the zippers and the carrier should stand upright. Lift trolley handle up so that it remains upright. Un-velcro the material flaps at the underside of the pet carrier and fold the flaps over the outer bars of the trolley and re-attach the velcro the secure the pet carrier to the trolley. Make sure to unbuckle the buckle at the back of the carrier, wrap in around the bars of the trolley, and re-buckle it to ensure the carrier is secured to the trolley.


Designed to fit under the front cabin seat in major airline carriers (please check your airline rules and regulations before flying). The adjustable shoulder strap and handle allows you to secure the carrier to your suitcase for easy mobility while traveling. The expandable space allows your pet to lay down and relax during the car ride and under the airplane seat.
Take the weight off your shoulders with this carrier on wheels! Fully retractable premium material handle & 360 degree rotating and removable wheels ensure smooth, quiet, and effortless rolling mobility in any direction resulting in a bump free ride for your pet. Easy mechanism to attach and detach bag from wheel platform allowing bag to be used as a regular double sided expandable carrier!
Both sidewalls expand into a roomy extension, giving your pet room to turn around and sprawl out. The mesh lining also gives them a chance to see your face, keeping them calm and happy. This is especially helpful for older pets and pets with joint problems.
Expertly crafted roof ventilation design and mesh sides allows for continuous air circulation, keeping your pet from overheating and providing fresh supply of oxygen and fresh air at all times.
This masterfully crafted airline pet carrier tote is made from high quality, safe, and durable materials. Unlike other expandable carriers which clearly sag when expanded, we have added a thick wire frame at the top for extra stability, eliminating sagging corners. Our heavy duty retractable handle is durable and break resistant!
Removable plush faux fleece bedding, padded shoulder strap and extra storage compartments.? The pristine grade nylon material is lightweight, durable and sturdy, ensuring no-hassle reliance day after day, use after use, air mile after air mile. Dimensions: 18 inches (L) x 11 inches (W) x 11 inches (H) Included components: Carrier, Shoulder Strap, Trolley, Wheels


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Have questions about Airline Pet Carrier?

Q: Does the handle come off when putting under seat ?? Must you take the wheels off when putting under the seat ??

A: To take off the handle mechanism, simply un-velcro the flaps at the bottom of the carrier that is attaching the carrier to the trolley and remove the carrier from the trolley. The trolley can be folded and placed in the overhead bin during the flight. We do recommend removing the wheels before sliding the carrier under the seat because the wheels add an extra 2-3 inches of height and may impede the carrier's ability to fit under the seat. Please check with your airline's requirements before flying. 

Q: Will 2 average sized cats fit in this carrier?

A: They will fit in there but they won't be able to maneuver a whole lot and if they can't turn around in the carrier you won't be able to travel with them the airlines if that's how you're traveling will examine the carrier and we'll make sure that the cat can turn around so you cannot put two cats in that carrier.

Q: Weight limit for your pet

A: Hello, while this carrier can safely carry up to 25lbs, pets 20lbs and under may feel more comfortable in the carrier.

Q: When the wheels are off, is is the height less than 11 inches? Southwest will allow only a 10 inch height.

A: Hello, Without the wheels, this carrier height is 11 inches where the wire support is but it can be pushed down slightly to fit under 10 inch seats.

Q: How and where exactly do you secure the side fleece pieces?

A: When the sides are zipped up the fleece Velcro’s at the top.