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SilentPaws® Dog Ear Muffs for Noise Protection

"If you have a dog with great anxiety, these are definitely the answer. We bought these for our pitbull because she is scared of every noise and she keeps them on and she can even be outside when there are fireworks. What a fantastic idea!!!"

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I am someone who loves animals, and I have owned dogs, cats, turtles, parrots, hamsters, and rabbits as pets. They have always been like family to me and have been with me through thick and thin.

As for why I sell dog ear muffs, it all started with my good friend Bobby, who is a golden retriever. Whenever there were fireworks or thunder, he would always hide under my feet. At first, I didn't know why he did this, but I later found out that it was because of the noise. People normally cover their ears to protect themselves in such situations, but dogs are unable to do so. Through research, I discovered that dogs' ears are more sensitive than humans. They can hear frequencies ranging from 15Hz to 50000Hz, which is a much wider range than the 20Hz to 20000Hz that humans can hear. This made me realize that dogs needed more protection for their ears, but I found that there were very few products available in the market for this purpose. So, I collaborated with my engineer friend to develop these ear muffs to protect dogs' ears and help more dog owners keep their pets calm.

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