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SilentPaws® Dog Poop Bags

"These SilentPaws dog poop bags are a game-changer! They are incredibly sturdy and never leak, making clean-up a breeze. Highly recommend!"

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Clean up with confidence: SilentPaws Dog Poop Bags, guaranteed leak-proof and hassle-free.

  • Brand: SilentPaws
  • Unit Count: 120 Count
  • Material Feature: Recyclable
  • Material: PLA(Cornstarch)
  • Product Dimensions: ‎ 2.72 x 2.52 x 5.31 inches (5 х 5 х 12.7 cm )

What you can get?

WHAT'S INCLUDED: This pack includes 120 unscented SilentPaws dog poop bags


Our compact and convenient dog poop bag refill rolls help you keep poop bags where you need them–everywhere.
A new generation of high quality & durable dog poop bags made from 65% certified post-consumer recycled plastic. Giving a second life to over 5 million pounds of landfill-bound plastic a year.
Extra long, extra strong and 100% leak-proof guaranteed to keep hands clean on the go.
This pack includes 120 unscented SilentPaws dog poop bags.


  • Guaranteed leak-proof: These bags are specifically designed to prevent the contents from leaking, keeping your dog's waste collection safe and clean.
  • Extra Thickness: Thanks to their reinforced construction, the bags have extra strength to handle all sizes and consistencies of your pet's waste.
  • Odorless: These bags are odorless, making the waste collection process more enjoyable and comfortable for you.
  • Ease of Use: The bags come in rolls with easy tear-off, making them easy to store and use while walking or traveling.

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Have questions about Dog Poop Bags

Question: How many pouches come in one package of pouches?

Answer: One pack of Earth Rated pouches contains 120 pouches.

Question: Are Earth Rated pouches guaranteed to be leak free?

Answer: Yes, the bags are guaranteed not to leak, ensuring that your dog's poop is safely collected and taken out.

Question: What size are the bags?

Answer: The bags are a standard size that is large enough to collect dog poop of various sizes.

Question: Are these bags suitable for all types of dog poop?

Answer: Yes, the bags are designed to collect all types of dog poop, including hard and soft.

Question: Can the bags be used for purposes other than collecting dog poop?

Answer: Although the bags are designed to collect dog poop, some people use them for other purposes as well, such as garbage disposal.