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Tall Plush Cat Tower

"We recently got a kitten and she literally lives in this cat tree. She is always laying and falling asleep in the hammock. I’m glad she turned to the tree for when she scratches instead of my couch. It took me about 40-50 minutes to put together which wasn’t bad. The directions were straight forward and I had all the parts with some extras. It is very stable especially for my crazy kitten who likes to play rough. Overall for the price it (which is cheap) it’s great quality."

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This cat tree is designed with cats' climbing habits in mind, featuring two jumping platforms to enhance activity space and assist both young and older cats. Stability is a key feature, with a sturdy base, sisal-wrapped scratch posts, and anti-toppling devices ensuring safety for active cats. The spacious top perch is well-padded, making it ideal for multiple kittens or larger cats to sleep, observe, or nap. It also includes a comfortable basket, appealing to cats who enjoy a sense of enclosure for safety. For added entertainment, there's a cat teasing stick and a plush ball with a bell, offering interactive play without excessive noise.

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